Join us!

Feel invited to join the team – the more the merrier!  LilyPond developers are especially welcome, but actually you don’t even have to use LilyPond to join – as long as you have something interesting to say about music engraving, we’ll be glad to see you among us 🙂

If you have used LilyPond to create something awesome, or you’re working on music engraving sofware, or you simply have a LilyPond story to share, please send us an email through the Contact page (or contact us directly if you happen to know our personal email address(es)).

3 thoughts on “Join us!

  1. vvillenave

    Greetings Janek,
    nice to see your work on promoting the LilyPond project and community! We should definitely merge your project with the former LilyNet initiative that has more or less been abandoned (by me!). Please let me know if I can help by transferring the lilynet domain name, the LilyPond Report archives (there’s also the Wiki’s archived database which I have been unable to restore so far). You know where to find me 🙂

  2. edshaw

    This is a needed resource. I just started using it and have finished 16 bars of a public domain hymn to be used in a guitar instruction book. I am a little weak in music theory but can make up for it partially with experience in coding. I haven’t yet found the forum here. If anything, the problem is going to be in the learning curve for the average musician. It took me four or five days to complete my first 16 bars. Obviously, that will be cut down. Still, sticking with it
    was a challenge. The alternative was Finale or a cloud based rental Notation. I’ll do what I can to support this work. It would be nice if all musicians had a copy and knew how to use it.

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