This blog appeared in June 2013, when Janek Warchoł decided that it was the high time for the community of LilyPond (Free Software music notation program) to reach a broader audience and create a public platform for sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences in music engraving. Janek was quickly joined by Urs Liska, and then other LilyPond users and developers, and thus the blog became a part of our daily lives.

Whether you are a musician or a programmer, whether you already know LilyPond or not, we are happy that you visited us! Please feel at home and look around; we hope that you’ll find stuff that interests you. (You may, for example, start by browsing this category from the archives ;-))

Of course, we also invite you to join us!

Aquatic Plants in Music? Huh?Well, it seems that Lilies floating in Ponds can be very useful for notating music 🙂