Glyph comparison of alternative music fonts

Abraham Lee has designed a rich collection of alternative LilyPond music fonts. Urs Liska has provided instructions on how to include them in the LilyPond score layout.

Although I have already used the fonts in LilyPond scores, my main use of the fonts is the display in ThePirateFugues software. The following video browses through the design themes for scores:

In this post, we provide a per-glyph graphical comparison of the most common glyphs in modern notation. The fonts that we use in the lineup are

  • Emmentaler,
  • all 13 fonts by Abraham Lee, and
  • Gonville, a font by Simon Tatham.

The list of symbols in the LilyPond font specification is extended on a regular basis. Emmentaler is the reference. Glyphs are added to Emmentaler in unstable releases of LilyPond. The other fonts have to catch up. The fonts by Abraham Lee are compatible with LilyPond 2.18.2. The work on Gonville was discontinued about year ago.

In our visualizations, any missing/unspecified glyphs are apparent from the gaps.
Click on the images to load a high-resolution version.

Selected glyphs with prefix clefs:


Selected glyphs with prefix timesig:


Selected glyphs with prefix noteheads:


Selected glyphs with prefix flags:


Selected glyphs with prefix rests:


Selected glyphs with prefix accidentals:


Selected glyphs with prefix scripts:


More glyphs with prefix scripts:


Selected glyphs with prefix pedal:


Glyphs of mensural notation are omitted because the glyph design is typically identical to the Emmentaler font.

End of post.

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