The Ring Closes

Oh my, it has been more than a month without anything new on Scores of Beauty – what a shame. OK, we haven’t been lazy in the meantime, but there simply hasn’t been the time to squeeze anything in that could be shared publicly. Maybe I’ll find the time to report about my participation in a conference on “Digital Music Edition” at the university of Berne earlier this month, but for now you’ll have to do with today’s little post about two rings.

The first closing “ring” to be talked about is Janek’s first post which instantiated our blog more than a year ago (OMG, we even missed our birthday 😉 ). Throughout this year we have published 76 posts (not counting this one), sharing opinions, giving insights into different aspects of LilyPond programming, and hopefully we have contributed giving LilyPond (and friends) a more active public appearance. Some of the posts have triggered interesting discussion, some went through without visible feedback. In total I think we can be very happy with our first year and hope for more to come.

The other “ring” really deserves this naming scheme. We are happy to present a substantial production realized with LilyPond.
Aurélien Bello has arranged a short version of Richard Wagner’s “Ring der Nibelungen” for children and engraved the whole orchestral material using LilyPond (see his announcement on the mailing list).

The first performance in Berlin has been recorded by Deutschlandradio Kultur and will be broadcast tonight, 19.00 CEST. Read more (German only) on DRadio’s detail page. Deutschlandradio Kultur also provides a live stream at

Go ahead, listen to the music and think of LilyPond 🙂 .

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