One Day At the Messe

Travelling sixteen hours by bus and having a whole day of fun can actually make you tired.

Travelling sixteen hours by bus and having a whole day of fun can actually make you quite tired.

We had lots of fun at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 🙂 .
It has been a great experience for both of us, me having most of Thursday and Janek joining for Friday. Actually we were so excited that we forgot to make pictures during the Messe 😉 – sorry for that!
We were lucky to share a small part of the booth of SCORA which turned out to be a very nice thing. First of all: SCORA rocks. I think it actually does what it promises and will be a very interesting solution for orchestras to update to the future. As it seems publishers have a very similar impression. And it turned out that it actually was a quite matching complement because when it came to the “system behind it” the SCORA people could gently pass on their potential clients to us – which led to some very interesting conversations.

What else can we say? Well, we had the ceremony where we received the BEST EDITION award today. As announced it was a rather modest event, interestingly without any audible music. But of course it was great to be there, and to meet representatives of some of the major publishing houses.

Another of the more official events we participated in was the annual MusicXML community meeting which was quite interesting. We were informed about the current state of work towards MusicXML 4.0 and how the approaching SMuFL 1.0 release relates to that. It’s nice to see that the music notation software community is really interested in developing open standards and to see that others are concerned with similar problems as we (for example providing reliable contexts for correctly aligning notation symbols when used in markups). Actually LilyPond, Frescobaldi and openLilyLib have been explicitly mentioned on the slides, and in general we have the impression that we are acknowledged in the scene. It also was an opportunity to meet a few people that we had only known as cryptic mailing list short names 😉 .

Apart from that we had a number of very interesting talks with people from various publishers, and it was exciting how this award brings us in a completely new position. Actually it seems that a number of the (particularly younger) representatives can be made attentive for some future oriented aspects of what LilyPond can do for them.

Of course we’ll have to see what time will tell when all the buzz has calmed down and we’ll know which of the enthusiastic conctacts may actually lead to some concrete projects or cooperations. As a conclusion it has been very good for us to be there, actually I think it would have been useful if we’d had an “official” representation at the Musikmesse, be it as or as LilyPond – because we have the impression that the time is ripe to really push LilyPond into the minds of the representatives of the music publishing business.

We would also like to thank everyone who already backed our crowdfunding campaign – after three days we already are at 533 Euro, and it would be great if the funds continue to flow in at this rate 🙂 Spread the word!

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