Happy New Year!

I was going to write a “Merry Christmas” post, but it’s definitely too late now (I hope that everyone has received a lot of presents anyway!) 🙂

Time flies so fast that I barely noticed it’s been over 3 weeks since last post – I have to apologize for this delay, and I owe you an explanation. Fortunately, the silence doesn’t mean that something bad happened – quite the contrary: Urs has been busy with reorganizing LilyPond’s website so that it will be more informative for newcomers (you can already see some results online). And he’s also actively participating in discussions about Frescobaldi which is developing quite intensively right now (there was a new release, 2.0.12, on Christmas!).

As for me, I got a 2-month internship at CodiLime, and I’m very happy about it! Unfortunately, this means much less time for LilyPond, but considering how much I learn it will be a benefit for all of us in the end, since I’ll be able to write much better code for LilyPond in the future 🙂

I have a few almost-ready post drafts (mostly continuing the Oskar Fried project summary), and I hope to finish and schedule them for automatic publication over the next weeks. But there’s more – soon two interesting articles from new contributors will be published (one about Czech liturgical chant, and the other about making Bravura music font available in LilyPond).

Oh, and by the way: do you remember how I complained about a bug that distorted horizontal spacing, particularly in op. 7-1 of Oskar Fried Songs: Complete Edition? I have good news! Keith OHara found what was causing this bug, and it should be fixed soon 🙂 I can’t wait – the result of Keith’s patch is absolutely awesome!

And speaking of development process and developers, you may recall my short post mentioning David Kastrup and his continued efforts – he’s working on LilyPond full time since over one and a half year! You may want to take a look at his last two financial reports, in which he tells on what the money he received from LilyPond financial backers was spent:

And, last but not least, a new stable version of LilyPond was officially released yesterday! A bit late for a Christmas present, but isn’t it great anyway? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Urs Liska

    There is even one more interesting post from a new contributor in the pipeline: It’s about creating scores algorithimcally using Fortran. It’s delayed mostly due to my lack of time to reorganize the style sheets for PDF based tutorials (sorry, Gilberto).

    1. Gilberto Agostinho

      Hi Urs, I totally understand it, please take your time and do not worry too much over this.
      And I am looking forward to the next posts on the Oskar Fried project.

    2. Urs Liska

      OMG, I didn’t read close enough. There is even one more contributor’s post coming soon: about writing orchestral scores.

      So we have four first-time contributors at once, most of them waiting for us to get our stuff done …


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