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The upcoming 2.0.11 release of Frescobaldi which is scheduled for Oct 16th promises to contain quite a number of little improvements and cool new features. One of them is a considerable extension of its Preview Mode. Today I want to give you an idea of the fun this can add to working with LilyPond and Frescobaldi.

Frescobaldi has always allowed you to select between “Engrave (Preview)” and “Engrave (Publication)” where the only difference was the inclusion of point-and-click information. The new mode will provide a dockable panel with a whole bunch of additional “Debug Modes” that can be activated by simply checking the corresponding boxes.


The new Panel

Each of these modes displays different kinds of information that can be useful when you are tweaking a score to perfection. Some of them are simply calling functionality that’s built into LilyPond, some are shorthands for functionality that could also be added to each individual score, and some are examples of the awesome creativity and helpfulness of the LilyPond community.

Here are a few examples of the new Preview Mode in action:

\relative g' {
  g^\( d e_\fermata f \stemDown g\)

control-points-and-explicit-directions.previewYou can see the definition of the PhrasingSlur with the red crosses and also the elements that have been explicitly placed upwards or downwards colored in blue.


Checking “Display Grob Anchors” will show you the reference points of the notational objects, providing insight on how they may behave when tweaked.

\relative g' {
  g^| d\( e_\fermata f\ff \stemDown g\)


And finally you can see the “Skylines” that LilyPond uses to calculate vertical spacing.

For more details you should wait for the Frescobaldi release and read the help pages. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Preview Mode Preview

  1. simon

    where’s the big fat like button? i tried frescobaldi a few years ago and didn’t like it. but i can see a lot of use for these previews… now i can’t wait for this release. 🙂

    1. James

      If you tried Frescobaldi 1 some years ago, bearing mind that Frescobaldi 2 is quite different and much much better.

      Its auto-completion is the best for LilyPond, hands down.

  2. Federico Bruni

    I’ve just made a quick test with git master version (I had to launch it with english locale to have the Debug Modes panel), it’s very useful also for learning purposes.

    Kudos to Urs!

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