Tie Crusade, round 2

The Tie Crusade project was first announced in this post.

While it may have looked like the Tie Crusade had lost its momentum and stopped, this is not the case. 🙂 Together with my cousin Franek we made some considerable progress: we read almost all of the tie-code, understood a significant part of it, and added many comments to the source to make things easier to understand for others. One of the results is this graph of tie-related function calls that I made initially for myself:


(click for PDF)

As you can see, there are a lot of things going on for such a small piece of notation as ties!

Now, the good news is that I’ve already written the first usable patch. It corrects an issue where staff edges were detected incorrectly, which would result in the following inconsistency:


After my fix the first tie avoids the staffline exactly as the second one does:


Now it’s time for others to join the work! Tie Crusade is a fairly big project, and finishing it single-handedly would probably take months – I’ll get distracted every now and then and lose my focus. Working in a bigger group will ensure constant progress. 🙂 Read this thread on the lilypond-devel mailing list for more information!

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