Investing in Free Software

Some people say that you cannot earn money by working on Free/Open Source Software: How are you supposed to sell it if you give it away for free?, they ask rhethorically. Of course they are wrong ­čÖé Human work is valuable; if someone is doing good things for the community, some people will pay him even if they can get the results of his work for free.

This is the case with David Kastrup, currently our only full-time developer. He decided to focus exclusively on LilyPond, and since he needs food to eat and a place to live, we donate money to him so that he’ll be able to continue his work. You can read more about his situation in his initial call for support, published in 24th issue of The LilyPond Report over a year ago.

Since then David has been reporting about his progress on a (roughly) monthly basis. The last report was published some time ago and I decided that it would be a good idea to show it here: LilyPond investors’ report May 2013.┬á I hope that future Reports will also be published here, and I wish David another year of effective LilyPond work ­čÖé

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